Who we are: The IMSCTSG

The International Mesenchymal Stem Cells Transplantation Study Group (IMSCTSG) is composed of world-wide experts in stem cell-based research and/or in the field of multiple sclerosis (MS). Within the MESEMS trial, members of the IMSCTSG are carrying out partially independent national clinical trials, albeit that follow the same consensus protocol and share some key centralized procedures; results of the national trials will be analyzed as a whole. The aim of the trial is to evaluate safety and efficacy of patients’ self MSC injected intravenously.  So far, fifteen centers from nine countries have adhere to the MESEMS network: in Genoa, Milan, and Verona for Italy; in Ottawa for Canada; in Malaga, Badalona, Seville, and Cordoba for Spain; in Copenhagen for Denmark; in London for United Kingdom; in Stockholm for Sweden; in Salzburg for Austria; in Toulouse for France; Clayton for Australia; and the Medical Image Analysis Center (MIAC) located in Basel, Switzerland.
There is a possibility for other centers to enter the network if they conduct a clinical trial whose protocol follows that of MESEMS.