Country: Italy

City: Milan

Address: c/o A.Ce.S.M. Amici Centro Sclerosi Multipla, Via Olgettina, 48, 20132

Referent: Lucia Moiola, Radaelli Marta


Phone: +39 02 2643 2831

Description: The Multiple Sclerosis Centre at San Raffaele Hospital (OSR) in Milan (Italy) was established in 1986 and it is one of the largest Italian medical centre specialized in the diagnosis and care of multiple sclerosis patients. The Centre's staff includes specialists in neurology, neurophysiology and neurorehabilitation, and professional nurses and secretarial staff. These operators provide all the necessary information to the patient and ensure a timely and direct contact between medical doctors and patients. The activity of the Multiple Sclerosis Centre OSR has both clinical and research purposes. Clinically, the Centre has a preferential access channel for admitting patients in the departments of Neurology and Neurorehabilitation of OSR, where patients are electively referred by physicians of the team of the Centre. From a research point of view, the Centre is involved in developing new strategies for a better diagnosis and prognosis of multiple sclerosis patients as well as novel and alternative therapeutic strategies. The activities carried out at the Centre has seen in recent years, an annual average of 5,000 outpatient specialist visits, with approximately 1000 patients referred for the dispensation of immunomodulatory therapies provided by the Italian Minister of Health. The management of such a huge amount of clinical and instrumental data is made through a computerized system aimed at storing and updating the clinical data of all patients, with the creation of a "medical record information" electronic sheet that doctors can access in real time for consultation.